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We Were Not There; We Were There But Didn’t Fire Bullets” – By Alexander Ubani

Posted by on November 16th, 2020 Under NEWS

The mind of a Nigerian politician is a deep sea. It swallows ideas that are good and vomits worms of hatred. It is a house filled with empty promises. It grows confusion and bigotry. Religion and ethnicity are its sweetest weapons.

For the past few weeks, pictures play out like a horror movie in my head as I see faces of the innocent protesters whose lives were cut short, frown in their graves, eyes shedding tears, asking for justice. I have been weighed down by unimaginable grief, in part, for the lives lost asking for a better Nigeria and also for the deceptive displays of a failed government vilifying those demanding justice for the killing of their brothers and sisters by a bloodthirsty military who have become masters of deceit. It is not like Nigerians expected more from an unprofessional military that cannot defeat terrorists for the past 10 years.

The government and military feed us lies and make a mockery of the innocent souls murdered while holding on to the national flag and reciting the anthem on the 20th of October 2020. Young ones exercising their right for a better Nigeria, taken out like another criminal. Young minds correcting an older and jinxed generation of killers, losers, dictators, and looters who through malpractices continue to supervise massive looting of our treasuries. “We were not there” “They were invited by powers beyond me” “Lagos state government invited us” “We were there but we didn’t fire any bullet.” “The protesters threw stones at us, so we fired blank bullets” Laughter has dried on the lips of our children, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. Nigeria, like a child abandoned by her parents, wanders aimlessly. Many of its minds have lost the ability to think, the frustration in the land is unimaginable. I write the truth; I am the voice of the poor. I write you the truth many will not want you to read and hear about. But, this is the story of my country, today November 14, 2020. A cursed generation who over the years plundered the nation’s wealth, destabilized its economy and superintended a massive emptying of its treasuries to advance their individual quest for glory and power are currently orgasming by spilling innocent blood of young Nigerians. They blind our eyes with visionary lies and tell the world that truth is a lie. The government tries very hard to force us to believe that what we watched unfold before our very eyes are lies, it never happened. They want us to believe lie as truth.

They set against the protesters, violent thugs used in rigging elections to disrupt a legitimate process. The police watched as machete-wielding thugs attack peaceful protesters. These notorious thugs walk our streets and dine with the politicians while those in power turn the other way, refusing to hold them accountable. While unchaining them, they instruct them to engage in violent bloodletting, looting, killing, and maiming in a manner never seen before, so as to find an excuse to hunt legitimate protesters. Block their accounts; tag them terrorists; kill them; exterminate them. It is the way of the Nigerian government. These evil-minded politicians who come to power to amass wealth, build the choicest of mansions, and buy the costliest of cars will not have anyone disrupt their system. These demons in human form, care not about the dilapidated roads, fallen classrooms, hungry people who loiter the streets. All they want is a consolidation of the status-quo in order for them to continue to thrive. These clowns live in Abuja, claiming to represent their constituencies, but are never seen for years by the same people they represent.

The politicians are fire, they want to burn us. We are the seed they subdued but germinated. They are hot water, we are steel. We can’t bend. The government is the thug, clamping down on protesters demanding the right things to be done. They call protesters terrorists, while Boko Haram members who have terrorized states and killed thousands of innocent Nigerians are happily rehabilitated, fed, protected, and compensated by the government. We are being attacked on all fronts. Just like the politicians, some of your favourite activists are there for what they can get; appear on national and international television to advance their personal interest. Appearing sanctimonious, shouting, crying, mourning over the sad condition of the country, but when they get an opportunity, fall back to repeat the same mistakes for which they condemned the politicians. Remember Kufre Carter. The earth is angry with Nigeria. The walls of optimism have broken down. The light of advancement has been extinguished. The sun thinks we are savages. It bakes us with rage. It seems like God called a meeting of fools, killers, thieves, murders, and dumped them all in Nigeria. Children turn in their sleep. Starving for days make their stomach hurt like hell.

Young fathers and mothers have developed emergency wrinkles thinking all night how to provide food for their hungry kids. The earth is crumbling on Nigeria. Things have gotten out of hand. The starvation, hunger, and suffering in the land have made many to ask for divine intervention. But God seems to be too far from their reach. Over 50 years of unanswered prayers and counting. They have dark marks on their foreheads, showing years of devotion. Their prayers are the longest, speaking in violent tongues. But these same ones are the thieves stealing from us.

They send billions of our money meant for our development to their secret accounts abroad. They call God a fool while acting like his humble servant. Their conscience is a sword, it only slays.

Foodstuffs are no more affordable because they closed the borders and gave a special pass to their cronies. They watch with laughter escaping their mouths while millions of other businesses close down. A few thousand naira in the hand can hardly buy you food in a day. Many sit by the side of their unlit rooms murmuring about the future. they have refused to take laws into their own hands. Minds have grown old thinking about where the next meal will come from. It is a hard time to be a Nigerian.

Petrol sells for N170/litre. Drivers and conductors have tripled their charges. Onions we bought N20 three months ago, is now sold at a staggering N100. Food and transportation are now a luxury and the masses are crumbling under its weight. Many see the food they can’t buy. They can only look and walk past before their heads are forced inside a tyre. We have been fucked all over again and again by a cruel, insensitive, and clueless government whose leaders have refused to listen to public outcry. They take every word of criticism as a declaration of war and hype its own failure as success. No one is safe anymore as journalists keep missing every day. No one is held accountable. The police are merciless, extorting, and killing us for committing no crime. Every man or woman that walks past them with coloured hair is a fraudster that must be pinned down till the last breath.  It is a jungle where the fittest survives. Tell me: how did we think about making those who represent our interests live like kings and queens while those they represent die of hunger?

Who shared this failed idea of representation? We will not take this anymore. The masses are to be pampered. Their words should be authority. These shylocks who masquerade as politicians must be plucked out.  The future is grim for Nigeria. The poverty capital of the world has over 20 million unemployed persons. A dollar is now N470. Petrol is sold at N170/litre. It is as though the world has planned against us all. The politicians continue to live a life of luxury, spending over N23 million on transportation. Aso Villa clinic gets billions of naira yearly, but Buhari prefers to go to London to treat an ear infection. Politicians continue to hide palliatives to use it as a birthday souvenir. They tell us everything is fine because we fund their luxury lifestyle. It is 2020 and we are in a deep mess because, for the next three years, things are going to get even tougher as the next level begins. Written by Alexander Thandi Ubani@thandiubani; thandiubani@yahoo.com


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