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How to make your song go Viral

Posted by on September 1st, 2020 Under HOME, NEWS, SPONSORED POSTS

The best ways to make your song go viral within a year.

In the music industry, there are processes for moving from one stage to another. No popular artist will tell you that he or she became popular so easily. Before you start a business, you need to have a capital (money) before investing. That is how music is, you need to have some money before venturing into the music industry, because producing a song is not for free, to get a cassette and a jacket cover is not for free, promoting a song is not for free and to get a record label is not for free. That is why you don’t need to be in a hurry for being a musician. Another thing you need is a musical creativity. You need to be creative. You don’t need to be like Tim Godfrey or Don’t Moen before knowing that you are popular, you can still be a popular artist in your community, your city, your state and also in your country.
If you have more than one song that you have released, give them to some of your families, friends and relatives so that they can listen and choose the best out of those songs, when you get the best track, the next thing to do is to push the track so that it can be heard by many. How can you do that? That is why you need to know how to make your song go viral.


1 MARKETING: If you are using an album, give your song to a marketer so that he can market your song for you.

2 MIXTAPE: MIXTAPE is a combination of many songs from different artists. There are two types of mixatpes; A the online mixtape B CD mixtape. For CD mixtape, you need to pay the publisher to add your track on their CD mixtape, it will make your track appear with other popular gospel artists tracks. If possible, tell the publisher to add your image at the front cover. For online mixtape, you need to pay bloggers some little amount of money in order to add your track to monthly mixatpes. As people are downloading the mixtape, they will be listening to your song.

3 ONLINE PROMOTION: Another way to push your song to a higher level is to promote it online. Meet bloggers and send your song, they will upload your song and share it on social media. With this process, the song will be downloadable and it will appear on Google, if the song is being searched.

4 RADIO/TV PROMOTION: Radio promotion are one the best platforms, where you can promote your song. Sometimes, when you are listening to radio, there will be a time the broadcaster will say ” let us take a short break as you listen to this trending song by John titled wonderful “, that is the way those work in the radio station can promote your song. If it is a video song, you can apply for TV promotion and radio promotion, but TV promotion is tlo expensive.

5 DJ DIALOGUE: Another funny but helpful side is to do a collaboration with many DJ. Meet some DJs near your area, give them your song, tell them to pay your song when they are invited to do their DJ services in some occasions. Tell them to play your song before, during and after the occasion.

6 POSTERS: Print out your artwork, call your friends or siblings to paste those stickers to some places both near and far. It can help to create an awareness to others.

7 PRAYER: No matter what you do in this world, don’t forget to add prayers so that God will assit you.

8 BE BOLD AND HAVE CINFIDENT IN YOUR: Dont underrate yourself because you are an upcoming artist. There are upcoming artists that are only known on their town and villages, but they are seriously progressing in their music career. So be courageous, don’t be discouraged.

9 SHARE YOU SONG: As others are helping you to spread your song, also share yours on social network. Create a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account and a Twitter handle. Post your songs on your timeline and share it. The accounts must bear your artistic name. If possible, boost your post so that it can reach out to thousands of viewers. Those who have Facebook page, you will understand what I mearnt.

10 MEET GOOD MUSIC MANAGERS: The last thing to do is to meet music managers who are into music management. They are like people who give counseling in one music career. They will guide you and give you the directions carry out your song to a greater height. Don’t forget to meet the good ones among them.

NOTE: You mustn’t do all these in order to make your song go viral, three out of ten things I listed can help you a lot.



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